6 ways in which artificial intelligence has improved the world

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence has changed the course of technology. It has become available to everyone. Companies sell their products through the use of AI and ordinary people use those products.

What makes it special is the simplicity it has in executing processes and streamlining tasks for humans, both individually and for business.

In this article we will discuss more what AI is doing to make life easier:

1- It works non-stop

The technological solutions that work through machine learning, be it software or hardware, are programmed to maintain continuous operation and learning all the time. It won’t reduce productivity due to factors such as fatigue, absence or holidays.

With this, implementing IA to a business process is a great idea.

2- It’s capable of analyzing big chunks of data

AI is capable of analyzing, processing and storing a massive amount of data in such a short time that it would be an impossible task for human beings to perform. With the learning it gets from each piece of data it analyzes, it becomes even more accurate when it comes to producing results based on that data.

3- Improves life quality

For decades technology has been improving people’s lifestyles. Many systems developed with artificial intelligence have been created to improve the lives of people with physical disabilities.

Search engines like Google even suggest products, restaurants, hotels, services, shows, according to our search history. AI can also help banks detect fraud, predict market patterns and advise their customers on operations. Without a doubt, technology is helping us in many aspects of our daily lives.

4- Increase process efficiency

Unlike people, artificial intelligence becomes infinitely smarter through continuous learning, thanks to the incorporated cognitive ability.

This efficiency is not only accompanied by speed, but also by precision and accuracy, considering that an AI solution, which complies with an adequate testing and proofing process, is almost impossible to make mistakes.

5- Generate more jobs

IT consultant and researcher company Gartner states: By the end of 2019, the AI will create more jobs than it’s taking. While automation will replace 1.8 million jobs, especially in manufacturing, which is likely to be most affected, 2.3 million will be created. In particular, according to the Gartner report, these could focus on education, healthcare, and the public sector. 

Artificial intelligence is a complement to the work people do, not a competitor for them. The formula for implementing AI into our working lives is to combine the workforce and the ability to learn together.

6- It helps to improve our health 

Medicine has been a highly studied field for centuries and with the emergence of AI, it has come a long way. The ability of artificial intelligence to learn and the reason is very useful for clinical diagnosis.

For example, a computer program can analyze the photo of a spot on the skin and compare it with its database to establish the odds that it’s a melanoma. Similar applications are being developed for many other diseases, although for the moment AI complements and strengthens the diagnosis of doctors.

Treatment planning would also be another strong point of AI, based on all the patient’s information and the development of thousands of similar cases, a more effective treatment could be planned.

There are already chatbots who ask us about our symptoms to make a diagnosis. The collection of data generates patterns that help to identify genetic factors susceptible to developing a disease.

Artificial intelligence has changed the world, and it’s just beginning. An infinite number of possibilities awaits with AI. Are you taking advantage of them? You can start creating the next idea that works with artificial intelligence and changes the way we see the world so far, it’s all in your hands!   

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