7 most common mistakes during a job interview

Common mistakes in an enterview

By submitting a resume and your profile has pleased the company, you have won half the deal. But that doesn’t mean you should be trusted. On the contrary, you must prepare to present your best version during the interview.

Any mistakes you make during an interview can be decisive under the opinions of people who interview you, whether you are the one or not for the position. You only have one opportunity, around 30 minutes on average to demonstrate your knowledge.

Statistics have proven the most common mistakes companies detect when interviewing potential talent to fill a position. Here we will talk about 7 most common issues:

Inappropriate dress for the interview

Knowing the company will help you get an idea of ​​how you should dress. Its organizational culture and the job for which you apply will tell you what is the best way to make a good impression on the interviewers.

If after research you still don’t know how to dress, formal or semi-formal attire is the most reliable option to make a good impression.

Inappropriate body language

This error is quite common but easy to avoid. What should you do? Maintain a serenity posture, keep still and have eye contact as much as possible with the person interviewing you.

The gestures of nervousness should also be avoided. How to move your legs, hands or fiddle with objects on the table. These little habits can be seen incorrectly by the interviewer. Feeling nervous is normal, what you should avoid is transmitting that nervousness, looking calm at all times will transmit a genuine image.

Not arriving on time

A serious mistake is being late for the interview. If you have difficulty getting to the places on time, that day leave 1 or 2 hours before your home. Anticipating any type of inconvenience such as traffic, or not finding the place is important to be at the correct time.

In the worst case (which may happen) and it is impossible to be on time, make a call to the company and explain the reason for your delay. Few mistakes will cause you to lose the opportunity to be hired more than this.

Lack of trust

The distrust you show can subtract points during the interview. You may be an expert ad have the skills and knowledge needed to perform the job, but if you can’t convince them with complete confidence, they simply won’t consider you.

You should see the interview as a sale, you are selling the skills and abilities you have to that company. How to avoid showing lack of confidence: do not chatter, stay focused on the talk, and never avoid talking about your personal achievements, in fact, you should highlight them in the interview.

Don’t ever provide false information

Avoid this by investigating the company you want to work for, do not attend interviews where you don’t know the company or what they do. Now it is very easy to obtain information about a company, just search for a website or social networks and you will find all the necessary information. There is nothing more embarrassing than not knowing what to answer when in doubt about a specific project that you have not worked on.

Always be honest, both in the interview and in your resume when describing the experience you have had in the field.

Ask too much

Ask or not ask? Asking too much can overwhelm the interviewer but, not asking can make them believe you are not so interested in the position. The key is to do it until the person asks you if you have doubts, otherwise, you can ask a few questions at the end of the interview.

Remember that it is important to show interest but without blasting the interviewer.

Prepare in advance

Think that the interview is a casting and you are an actor or actress, would you introduce yourself to a casting without prior preparation? Probably not. The most efficient way to be prepared is to avoid the mistakes we mentioned throughout the entire article.

An interview is never easy, but trying to show your best face and certainly apply for the position you are passionate about and which you have experience will facilitate the process.

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