Creative Fellows

As avid coffee drinkers ourselves, we thought it was about time to have a customized blend for the team and people we really like (plus... how cool is it to say we have our own coffee blend?) Of course, we’re no coffee roasters. So now we needed someone that could help us bring our dream to life. This is how we met Jorge Brizuela - coffee lover and founder of The Golden Pig Coffee Roasters in Honduras. Jorge has around 11 years of experience and is passionate about innovating in the world of specialty coffee. Our marketing & experience team sat down with Jorge to learn about the process of roasting coffee. After a couple meetings and coffee tastings, of course, we landed on our two signature blends: a dark roast and espresso.
Salvador Santos Martinez
Salvador comes from a long line of producers, but his story began approximately 21 years ago when he started testing with Arabica varieties. In his desire to persevere, he began to cultivate some other varieties which started to spread in small plots in the village of El Jutal. Salvador currently has a coffee production area of ​​2.8 hectares. Crop and harvest maintenance activities are carried out with his family to minimize labor costs and achieve higher profit, which is invested in maintaining the crop and strengthening the economy of the family group.
Salvador's ranch logo "Finca el Jutal"
Joel Antonio Lopez
This farm has been worked on over time based on family commitment and effort. It wasn’t until Joel’s father took over in 1978 that the plantation was renewed by increasing the area with more productive varieties such as Caturra and Catuaí coffee. In 2006 Joel inherits the farm and continues to conserve the same varieties. It currently has 67.63 hectares, managed under Fair Trade, Organic, Rain Foresto Alliance and UTZ Certified Ecological Production under the name of "LOS LESQUINES" Farm.
Joel's Ranch Logo "Finca Los Lesquines"