How to prepare for a job as a Software developer

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The software world is quite competitive, with great progress and constant changes. How to be of greater value than the competition? Many other people are competing for the same job as you, the way you stand out is what it will determine if you get the position as a developer.

To achieve this you must take into account some fundamental aspects:

What are you looking for?

Having an objective is essential to start highlighting your competition. What’s your expertise? Here you must consider what your strengths are Backend or Frontend?

When you know that you could spend hours and hours coding however you enjoy it, you are on the right track. The passion for what you do has a positive impact on the quality of your work.

Finish complementing your skills

In the world of development, things change constantly. Do you like learning new things continuously? That is very valuable. New technologies appear every year and those that already exist also suffer transformations.

Studying and mastering these technologies should be part of your career as a web and software developer. Most companies in the technology sector will apply technical tests to prove your knowledge in the areas which you apply for.

A simple but effective way that will help you keep up to date is to subscribe to trusted platform payment courses. Why pay? The subjects have an easy order to follow and you will not get lost on your way to achieving more complementary knowledge. Besides, these platforms will save you time because of the doubts you have, teachers and the community can help you solve them quickly.

Prove your skills

How do you show your employer all those little projects that you have done that have given you the necessary experience to apply for the position? Git Not knowing Git or Github puts you at a disadvantage compared to other programmers.

If you have finished a course in which you have created projects, upload them to your Github repositories, many potential employers use this “social network” of programmers to hunt for talent, select them and then hire them.

Is Github the only way to show your skills? No, the options are many and you can take the one you like best. You can upload your blog to the internet by writing and teaching your knowledge to the world or you can open a YouTube channel and teach everything you know with videos and tutorials.

Thinking “out of the box” and getting creative with the way you demonstrate your valuable knowledge will make you more interesting for your potential employers.

Time to write your resume

You have small and medium projects on Github and you already uploaded your blog where you write about everything you know regarding your field, but how do you take all that and teach it as an “information pill”? A good resume is the answer.

The effective way to share the information in your resume is to only choose the essentials. You can highlight qualities you are good at, are you reliable? Do you know how to work within a team? Are you a quick learner?

Don’t even think of putting knowledge about technologies that you can’t handle at all, this will be noticed in any technical tests they set during the interview, without a doubt something that would disqualify you immediately.

The perfect resume should be written on one page, maximum two. Specify the experiences in which you have worked, your studies and certifications related to the position you want to obtain and a link to your portfolio, website or YouTube channel will be relevant information that should be in your resume.

The interview, an unmissable opportunity

If you have done it well, employers will be interested in your profile when you send your resume. Upon receiving the call for an interview, this means you were chosen among many other candidates, you now have advantage but don’t settle down yet.

Some tips you should know before and during the interview:

Visit the company’s website. Acknowledging where you are applying for a position is important. Why? It will help you to know the context, what they do, why they do it, and it can be a bonus for you in your interview when they ask: Have you heard about us? Even if they don’t ask you, you can comment and that lets them know you made your research about them, they will notice that you are actually interested in the job.

Be yourself. A spontaneous and trustworthy attitude is also important in the interview, without forgetting the respect towards the other person.

Clarify your doubts. They say that asking is wise, asking the pertinent questions will also add points during your interview. There will be a moment during the interview in which you are asked if you have doubts, that’s the time to clarify everything.

Asking shows that you are really interested in the job and that you want to comply fully. Questions may include:

What are the tasks I am going to perform?

What do you expect from my performance?

How is a typical day at the company?

You can point others that arise at the moment, and you will have each one cleared.

Following the advice in this article will help you stay one step ahead of the competition and start your path as a software developer.

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