Is technical knowledge the only important thing in programming?

In the technology sector, specifically in the development of software and web one of the main branches of computer science is important to have technical skills and be in constant learning.

New languages and technologies are appearing to improve processes, which involves programmers staying in a continuous research that takes time and effort on their part. The work demands always increase and if you want to stay among the best, you must also grow.

Technical growth is important but there are certain skills that will make you take off as a programmer and in any area of life.

Soft skills: as important as techniques

Having a fairly high IQ does not guarantee success, so soft skills should be learned and practiced at all times. But what are soft skills and why are they important? We can define them as “the result of a combination of social skills, a way of being, of communication, of approaching those around you, among others, that make a person have effective communication within a work team or in social life.

It is no secret that when we analyze the pattern of success of people like Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and others, we realize the importance of the soft skills that these individuals developed to find the right people who helped them to have a resounding success in the world of technology.

They were not only concerned with learning the technical, but also to develop their social skills to exploit them in their ventures.

Don’t misunderstand, technical skills and knowledge are indispensable in your career as a developer, but if you want to compete for better opportunities it is also important that you learn soft skills.

Be curious 

It is said that “curiosity is one of the most permanent and secure characteristics of a vigorous intelligence”, and it is that part of the work of a good programmer lies in being curious with the details.  Especially those details that when solved will result in a higher quality product, something that will help us grow and be more professional in the work we are doing.

Cultivate empathy 

How do we do this? Putting ourselves in the other person’s place. Sometimes we forget that in our daily life we deal with people who don’t really know how what we develop works, that’s why it’s important to know how to explain in words that someone who isn’t a developer can understand.  The same happens with the technological equipment that surrounds us, learning to listen to the opinion of others can help us to be better developers and to implement better solutions in our product.  The most successful people are always surrounded by intelligent people and listen to them to be able to do a better job and develop a quality product. 

Learn about time management

One of the most difficult points, the correct management of time in our projects. Because, the developers are saturated with tasks and obligations that need to be done quickly.

For this reason it is extremely important to have an effective time management to complete our pending on time.

Proper time management allows you to concentrate on completing the tasks that are really important and have better results in the shortest possible time. Of course, there are tools and techniques that can help you organize your slopes. Some of them are:

-To-do lists  -Pomodoro technique -Mental maps  -Seinfeld technology 

Knowing which technique suits your needs is your job, to your surprise, it’s possible that the disorganization you always struggle with may end when you adopt any of the effective time management techniques. Now that you know the non-technical skills that will drive your career, we invite you to apply them from today to your professional career, you won’t regret it.

Develop your oratorical skills 

With the existence of so much competition in the technological world it is very important that you distinguish yourself by skills that not everyone possesses, the ability to speak in public is one of them.  Some of the most valued things in the world of work apart from technical knowledge are: the ability to communicate to the masses and teamwork. It makes all the sense in the world, these are the skills that will help drive growth in a company. Working in these skills requires effort on your part, but you will bear good fruits by striving to learn them.

Now that you know the non-technical skills that will drive your career, we invite you to apply them from today to your professional career, you won’t regret it.

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