The Ignition Framework

Launch Your Dream

The Ignition Framework from CODE Éxitos is a fast, proven, and economical way for non-coding technology entrepreneurs and innovators to build their digital products.

Based on decades of experience, combined with best practices in design thinking and Agile development, our team and the Ignition Framework is a time-tested process for creating and delivering valuable software applications. You supply the innovation and CODE Éxitos is your trusted construction partner!

How Do We Use the
Ignition Framework?

After a brief assessment of the challenge (this can usually be done in less than an hour!), the CODE Éxitos team proposes one or more phases of our product development cycle. These development phases can be thought of as “building blocks” – and each has an associated size, duration, and cost. Something as simple as prototyping might be done by one engineer in a month of effort. Other development phases may require teams and shorter or longer durations of time. By putting together the component pieces of the framework, we create the workplan and budget to meet your project goals. We like to think about “minimum viable product” or MVP.

The Design Sprint

This sprint is an intense planning session where we design high-fidelity mockups and define the user experience. The Design Sprint involves the client, a UI/UX designer, and at least one developer. Typically lasting one or two weeks, the output of the Design Sprint drive the software development process.

Development Sprints

With a clear design, developers start writing code and building the product. At CODE Éxitos we use two-week sprints, with client reviews and demonstrations at the end of every sprint. A lot of great software products can be built in 5 to 10 sprints with teams of 3 to 5 developers.


As the software is being built, the team keeps a running list of items that need to be done, new ideas, and opportunities for new features. This list is called the "backlog" and we think it is one of the most valuable parts of the Ignition Framework. The backlog becomes the living roadmap for future product enhancements!

Move to Production

Building software is just the beginning of the product lifecycle! We plan for production readiness from the beginning, and every project needs to include the work required to move into supporting your customers. With the Ignition Framework, our engineering teams usually need one sprint to move the product into production.

Is the Ignition Framework for You?

entrepreneur at desk

Are you an entrepreneur or a digital innovator?

CODE Éxitos and the Ignition Framework will give you an experienced, affordable team who can launch your product quickly and successfully. You supply the idea and we guide you through the entire process!

startup looking at ideas board

Are you a startup or an early-stage company?

Startups and early-stage companies see their idea come to life, allowing them to test their market, understanding their operating requirements, and determining the total level of effort required to build out their complete vision.

successful company

Are you a high-growth company?

The Ignition Program is a great way to test new product ideas and feature extensions to your products. Keeping the core product team focused on growing the business, the CODE Éxitos team gives you the talent and methodologies for valuable feature development. Get better faster!

corporate business women

Are you a corporate innovation Team?

Corporate innovation teams use the Ignition Program to develop rapid prototypes and “proofs of concept” that adhere to corporate IT policies. Our teams can complete and deploy faster and less expensively than most internal teams.


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