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Making the world a better place with technology & entrepreneurship

We are dedicated to responsibly investing in improving ourselves, our communities, and our world. Our employees perpetually refine and improve their skills as designers, engineers, artists, and problem-solvers to achieve excellence in our work.

We create deep connections with our clients and value collaboration, diversity, and agility. Together with our clients, we are building the global digital economy: the economy of the future.

We live these values and they are the foundation of our structure as a public benefit company. 

Hear our origin story from Founder & CEO, Charles Fry.

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We create opportunity

We are creating a community of clients, employees, and collaborators. A community where individuals can realize their full potential and everyone benefits from justice, equity, and profitability. Our businesses, our communities, and our world must be healthy and sustainable.

CODE Éxitos teams are located through the Americas, and our clients are global in their reach and in their operations. By coming together and focusing on the creation of new digital products - and the companies to support these products in the market - we are working to create a $1 billion dollar impact through our work.

Embracing the digital future, reinventing the way we work, and challenging and rewarding individual creativity and innovation is the key to unlocking a better future for the next 100 years.

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Details matter. We strive to exhibit craftsmanship in everything we do. We shape our work and our careers to make continuous progress toward ever-increasing levels of mastery and craftsmanship in all we do.

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As professionals, we trust one another to work and act with a high degree of autonomy. And as a company, we believe in growing our business and serving our clients through a high level of autonomous behavior.

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Combined with humility and kindness, courage creates the strength and leadership we seek to demonstrate every day. We are an organization of courageous people who want to create a more equal, just, and sustainable world.

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La Vida Plena

Work-life balance is really about feeling content with who we are and the decisions that we make. It begins with our mindset. It’s about knowing when to take a break from work or give an extra effort without having to compromise your happiness.


Professionals In the Americas

Our commitment to excellence knows no borders, as we bring together top-notch professionals from North America, Central American and South America to deliver the best product development talent.

Working in one of our product studios, our teams and clients come together in person, virtually, and in hybrid settings to insure seamless communication and collaboration. Time zone alignment is also important - agile and rapid development is easier when the clocks are aligned!

Learn about "the why" behind our international team.

Take a virtual tour of our SPS SparkSpace.


Seamless Collaboration

We've made it incredibly easy (and fun!) for you to meet with us in person. We understand the value of face-to-face interactions. Our San Pedro studio is only a 2-hour flight from Houston!

We can visit you or you can meet us in one of our studios. Our teams are ready to welcome you with open arms in Austin, Texas or San Pedro Sula, Honduras. Most of our work is done in hybrid mode, but we believe deeply in the value of periodic in-person meetings. So visit us - or we can visit you. We are ready when you are!