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Services for Product Success

Building and launching a word-class product requires a broad range of services and expertise.
We have you covered for every need!


Design & Innovation

Great products grow best with clarity of vision. And clarity of vision is precisely the goal of your Design & Innovation phase.

Our design team helps clients focus on the essential, novel aspects of their product and business. Building on user-centered design and the latest advances in design thinking, we build clickable prototypes, product roadmaps, budgets and timelines. Everything you need to fund and build your product right the first time!

Experience has shown we can group design services by the stage of the product vision, and these packages can create the foundation needed for confident next steps in the innovation process.

two coworkers in a brainstorm session at the office

Build & Engineering

With a clear vision and roadmap in hand, our services transition from the design phase into the build phase of product development. Now the technical architects, UI designers, project managers and other engineers begin the detailed work of creating your product!

You are a daily, essential part of the daily engineering process - even if you never write any code! Your vision comes to life in a series of Agile sprints, and as your product ideas are realized, you will work with the engineers and your project leader to refine and prioritize the work. As the product owner, you guide the team of engineers to realize your product idea.

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Launch & Support

When it is time to send your creation into the world, we are ready to help. Launching a product isn't really the "end", but the return to the beginning of the circular lifecycle of your product. Planning and executing a product launch - then supporting customers - can be harder than you think!

Launch and support services include beta-testing and controlled user test and feedback. We can also help you with launch marketing, website design, and other essential aspects of a successful launch. Once your customers are using the product, our Customer Experience team can help you provide world-class support services.

Don't worry if this all sounds a little overwhelming - we do this every day, and we are happy to help you and your business be successful launching and supporting your product.

coworkers sitting on tall table working on wireframes
Over nearly two years, CODE Exitos helped shape my vision into a world-changing idea, then solve engineering challenges that have been patented, and now we are taking the product live and raising our first round of venture capital. What an entrepreneurial ride!
Founder, consumer IoT & software product
CODE Exitos is our go-to team when we need products built, rebuilt, or improved. I have sourced work all over the world, and this team delivers consistently with excellent quality and communications. Its nice to have a partner we can count on to get the job done.
Kevin C.
Veteran CIO, international consulting firm
Getting Started

Setting the Stage for A Successful Project

Our teams continually refine our process for project kick-off, referred to us as "Sprint Zero". Everyone on our team - designers, project managers, engineers and customer experience professionals - learns the philosophical and technical underpinnings of great planning. In this video, you can watch one of our internal training sessions about Sprint Zero.
(Note: many of our internal training sessions are done in Spanish, but documented in English. This video is an example of our bilingual team in action!)