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July 2023 - The Drop in CEO Podcast

How to Overcome Project Challenges and Foster Independence

In this episode, our CEO, Charles Fry joins the Drop in CEO’s podcast host, Deborah Coviello to uncover valuable lessons he has garnered throughout his journey as a technology entrepreneur. 

Charles places a strong emphasis on a pivotal lesson - the need for technologists to remain deeply rooted in the real-world business challenges that technology seeks to address, rather than being solely preoccupied with the latest technological trends.  

Furthermore, Charles offers observations on a common corporate misstep: the procrastination in seeking assistance when projects go awry. He underscores the profound repercussions that arise from waiting too long and the importance of recognizing timely red flags, such as missed deadlines, as signals of potential issues lurking beneath the surface. 

Tune in as Deborah and Charles navigate these essential career lessons, providing valuable insights that will undoubtedly resonate with technology enthusiasts, business leaders, and anyone interested in the dynamic interplay between technology and business.