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July 06, 2022 - ibble Studios

How to Scale a Startup: Insights from Charles Fry, Founder of CODE Exitos

Entrepreneurship is a journey riddled with uncertainties, challenges, and inspiring breakthroughs. To get insights on this roller-coaster experience, the ibble team had a conversation with Charles Fry, the visionary founder of CODE Éxitos and the brain behind multiple successful startups. Here’s what was unpacked:


A Legacy of Success

With three decades in the startup ecosystem, Charles isn’t a stranger to the highs and lows of entrepreneurship. Before CODE Éxitos, he founded Sengistix – a venture that smashed its ambitious goal of reaching $100 million in revenue in under four years. His migration to the thriving entrepreneurial hub of Austin, Texas, was inspired by this achievement.


The 'Retirement Company': CODE Exitos

However, every entrepreneur knows that rest isn’t an option when passion drives you. Hence, the birth of CODE Éxitos, which Charles fondly labels his “retirement company.” This company stands out as a public benefit mission, a B corporation, aiming to unearth and elevate technical talent in Latin America.


The Shift in Mindset

Switching gears from a venture capitalist-backed company to a centennial vision requires a significant paradigm shift. For Charles, it’s all about valuing every conversation. Whether you’re engaging with a potential investor or an existing employee, every dialogue plays a part in weaving the fabric of a startup’s story.


From Missteps to Lessons

While discussing the unpredictable nature of startups, Charles recounted a pivotal conversation with a senior executive from Nielsen. Caught unprepared by a pointed question, Charles realized the essence of thorough preparation. He also advises fellow entrepreneurs to face mistakes instead of veiling them as “pivots” – a testament to the importance of authenticity in business.


The Nine-Word Entrepreneurial Philosophy

Amidst all the insights, Charles distilled his entrepreneurial wisdom into nine poignant words: "Know the focus, spread the message, keep the faith." For him, a clear mission, consistent communication, and unwavering belief during tough times form the backbone of entrepreneurial success.

In conclusion, this enlightening chat with Charles Fry underscored the need for long-term thinking, valuing every stakeholder interaction, and recognizing the central role that both customers and employees play in a startup's journey. And as Charles would put it – it’s all about knowing your focus, spreading your message, and keeping the faith.