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November 14, 2022 - Nexus 2022 Conference

Success Criteria for a New Generation of Entrepreneurs

In a world where success is no longer solely measured in financial terms, the next generation of entrepreneurs is redefining what it means to build and run a business. They are driven by a deep sense of purpose, a desire to make a meaningful impact, and a commitment to creating environments where untapped potential can flourish. The future is indeed exciting, and these purpose-driven entrepreneurs are at the forefront of positive change. 

During this panel discussion at the Nexus 2022 Conference organized by Nearshore Americas, our CEO joined other professionals in the entrepreneurial community to discuss the importance of: 

  • Activating untapped potential  
  • Breaking down borders 
  • The balance between excitement and fear 
  • The rise of purpose-driven entrepreneurs 
  • Purpose-driven companies